Our stats at a glance:

Process type: Cold ethanol extraction
Intake: 400kg of biomass per hour (dependent on composition of biomass)
Max moisture content of intake material: <20%
Extraction yield: Dependent of intake material (e.g. higher CBD content, % of flower vs stem)
Operating temperature: -10 to +30 degrees C
Process temperature: -25 degrees C
Electrical: 3 phase, 125A
Utility requirements: Water, Natural Gas or Propane, Electricity (3-phase)
Dimensions: Length 36576mm, Width 2438mm, Height 2591mm
Output: CBD Oil with contents 5-60% CBD depending on intake material and process optimization
Consumables: Ethanol 960 litres per day, Liquid Nitrogen 250kg per day

The Euphloria process – How the magic happens:

  1. Bale frozen using liquid nitrogen
  2. Frozen bale automatically sliced
  3. Cold ethanol wash to capture cannabinoids and avoid waxes & chlorophyll
  4. Remove & Recycle Ethanol for next use
  5. Filtration
  6. Evaporation
  7. Molecular distillation for separation of cannabinoids
  8. Purification
  9. THC removal through proprietary, patented process

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