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CBD Inc. is a diversified extraction technology and hemp cannabidiol (CBD) oil producer serving markets in Europe and the United States. Our units are:

  • Capable of processing 1000kg/2200lbs of biomass every 10 hours.

  • The first mobile processing technology that can process wet or dry hemp.

  • GMP quality for the cleanest purest safest end product on the market. 

  • Turn key automated system comes with a full time Engineer


  • Combines 7 stages to 2 compared to traditional system

  • Automated and supports machine harvesting

  • Eliminates drying – fresh biomass leads  to full spectrum of end products

  • Mobile – one CBD extractor can process several smaller farms

  • Production volumes up to 50x  larger than any other today

  • Flexible feeding allows for a variety of biomass forms to be fed

  • Entry level cost corresponds fraction of all the stages and machines in traditional method and produces 20x to 50x more oil at fresher quality.

Quality at Every Step From Cultivation To Manufacturing

Our number one priority is always quality. We start with a cannabinoid rich, high CBD strain of hemp, then we select only the healthiest seeds. Our crops are grown organically and undergo rigorous testing for contaminants. And we strive for cutting edge manufacturing processes to produce the finest quality possible of CBD.
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