Kronos Gen 3

Our top of the range system for large extraction needs. This vessel-based, highly advanced and durable extraction system is for large scale farmers or processors. The Kronos Generation III can process up to 500 kilograms of biomass per hour. This system can process your whole crop in almost no time at all. For intakes it can receive all types of material – from whole bales to leaves & flowers only. Wet or dry, we can process your material in whatever form it comes. This system includes an advanced remote monitoring system and is scalable up to 10 units making the total processing capability 5000 kg per hour or 100,000 kg per day.

Kronos Gen 2

Kronos Generation II is the further developed version of Kronos I. Press-based cold ethanol extraction process. Robust and durable, this system takes up to 300 kilograms of biomass input per hour. It fits perfectly into developing Countries, or the developed world. Intake can be whole bales or leaves & flowers only- wet or dry. This system is easy to maintain and scalable up to 10 units taking the total processing capability up to 3000 kg per hour or 60000 kg per day.

Kronos Gen 1

The parent of Kronos family. Our first extraction system. This transportable extraction system fits into two containers and can eat up to 200-2000 kilograms of biomass per hour. Intake can be whole bales or leaves & flowers only- Wet or dry. We have discontinued the Generation I due to II being better and as affordable. The Kronos Generation I is capable of processing 200 kg/hour of biomass.


We provide several types of service to our customers including ramp up, training, consultation services, service and maintenance schedule, quality monitoring and GMP advice. Some of these are included with the wanted product so please do not hesitate to ask.