Assuming each bale of biomass weighs 300kg/660lbs and it’s CBD content would vary as described here below then the outcome of the 100% CBD will be as follows:
  • 3% > 1kg/2,2lbs CBD
  • 6% > 2kg/4,4lbs CBD
  • 9% > 3kg/6,6lbs CBD
  • 12% > 4kg/8,8lbs CBD


Our cost of operation will not exceed $100 per 300kg/660lbs of biomass including labor, electricity and diluent. The whole system only needs one person to run the whole system. Naturally the cost of labor varies by country, but in any case the total cost will not exceed $100 per 300kg/660lbs.


One single mobile machine can process 1000kg/2200lbs of biomass every 10 hours while in continuous mode. If looking at the two separate stages:

  1. Ethanol separation 100kg/220lbs – 30min
  2. Vacuum evaporation – 12 hours
  3. Second vacuum evaporation to achieve a wanted product


A variety of end products can be achieved depending of the customer requirements, but here are the most common:

  1. 30% sticky CBD paste
  2. 50%-60% creamy honey like CBD paste
  3. 99% powdery CBD